Kustom Krome

Gold Plating and Powder Coating

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Our equipment is the latest technology – high power brush plating gives you a lasting lustrous finish that speaks of “luxury and style”. The plating system we use utilizes pulse technology which provides a harder plate and finer grain structure for longer lasting plating.     

We gold plate wheels, rims, and other car parts. We gold plate grilles, and door handles. We gold plate emblems. We can gold plate motorcycle rims. We can gold plate other motorcycle parts.

Every item 

is hand laid gold plated bumpers, trim, rims, faces, center caps.... all done by hand.

This bottom slide show....  if you're on a budget, this is the way to go!

This is powder coating, that mimics "gold" plating.

You have the beauty of gold with the durability of powder coating. We've been working with our supplier, to perfect this technique and the results speak for themselves.

In order for this "effect" to work, the rims must be chrome plated.